Novel frontiers in materials science: innovative components for next-generation superconductor technologies


ISBN 978-966-999-321-2

Recognizing the increasing importance of materials science in future device technologies, two Ukrainian universities, Vasyl’ Stus Donetsk National University and Kyiv Academic University initiated a series of annual collections of reviews and original papers reflecting the state of the art in understanding and monitoring the properties of some important materials classes. The monographs will cover a complete spectrum of related research, including fundamental principles, theoretical and experimental breakthroughs, design and applications of novel components for next-generation hardware. The goal of this monograph is to present the concepts, theoretical and practical aspects of the components important for the superconductor electronics progress, in particular, amorphous and high-temperature superconductors and hybrid composites formed by materials with different electronic orderings. Both the original results obtained by the authors and the literature data are discussed, which makes it possible to obtain quite a complete picture of the state of affairs in the discussed areas of materials science.
For researchers working in the field of solid-state physics, PhD and master’s students at physical faculties of universities and academic institutions.

Опубліковано: 2023-05-18


1. Disorder-enhanced superconductivity

2. Iron-containing superconductors from the viewpoint of chemists: thermodynamic stability and substitution limits in La1–xLnxFeAsO1−y hightemperature superconductors (Ln = Ce–Er and Y).

3. Spin-polarized supercurrent in proximitized singlet superconductor ‒ half-metallic manganite nanostructures

4. Reentrant induced superconductivity in hybrid structure with high barrier transparency